A short, just one minute, but deep presentation, which we liked and yet did not include here at the time, was Marcus Katz with the cards in the Stone Circle of Castlerigg:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bK6rQKYLqy

Djamila Zon, editor of the tarot-reviewing site Thequeenssword.com invited me to present the  Starlight Dragon deck and my book “Travelling with Starlight Dragons”,  and to gift  an exclusive practice of the deck. As a pretaste to a more advanced book, planned for 2020, I shared an exclusive spread inspired by the kabbalistic Sepher Yetzirah on the star constellation Draco.
Please, pay a visit and enjoy: http://www.thequeenssword.com/starlight-dragon-tarot-draco-spread-book-preview-artists-advice/


Review in “A Metaphysician’s Journal” 26th September 2017






Benebel Wen (November 2016)

The Queen’s Sword (November 2016)
The Sacred Symmetry of Dragons: Interview with Nora Huszka: Co-Creator of Starlight Dragon Tarot


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