Travelling with Starlight Dragons” is the in-depth companion book to the Starlight Dragon Tarotdeck (entry-to-intermediate level).

The book takes you to the worlds, where dragons dwell  – in dreams, imagination and magick: 

  • guided by the elemental dragons of the court cards we visit the elemental realms of Earth, represented by the pip cards from the suit of Coins, Air (suit of Swords), Water (suit of Cups) and Fire (suit of Wands)
  • Invited to the palaces of the Courts we experience elemental spirits and the energies of the sixteen court card dragons.
  • Well-prepared by these travels and guided by the powerful and patient Empress of the deck we visit the 22 mythic regal dragons, representing the tarot majors in this deck. Through much dragon lore from many different cultures of the world we learn the challenges, lessons and rewards of studying and working with these dragons
  • In a brief yet intense talk between the author and the artist of the deck the travellers through the book get a key-hole view on the artistic development of the deck
  • Equipped with these experiences anaother door is opened to the workshop, where practical examples and tipps on how to work with the deck in readings, meditations and ritual ae offered.
  • Bestselling tarot researchers, authors, teachers Tali Goodwin&Marcus Katz  and leading cartomancer Camelia Elias graced the book with congenial prefaces!

Steph Engert, Travelling with Starlight Dragons
260 pp, 54 coloured illustrations

ISBN 978-3-946-04312-6

Starlight Dragon Press
Potsdamer Str. 31 („Altes Stellwerk“)

D-42651 Solingen
The book is available from Amazon in Paperback and on Kindle and from bookshops or by direct order including postage here:

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