Starlight Dragon Tarot reviewed by Fantasy Writer Sissy Pantelis

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In her series on Tarot on her Facebook page,  fantasy writer and friend Sissy Pantelis posted this week her first impressions on the Starlight Dragons. She permitted us to share her text here:
Thank you, Sissy, and continue to enjoy the deck!

Sissy Pantelis:

Last post about a wonderful tarot deck I discovered recently. The Starlight Dragon Tarot themed on dragons. This is an unusual albeit fascinating tarot deck.
Dragons are magnificent creatures: powerful, wise, challenging, they belong in the dream realms and in myths and are more associated with magic powers than any other creature. They are among the oldest myth creatures found in all mythologies; represented as wise and respected divinities in the Eastern myths, dragons were rather feared in the Occident. But they have always been associated with superior knowledge, not accessible to humans.
Conceived by Steph Engert, who has studied for a long while all mythic and symbolic meanings of dragons and marvelously illustrated by wonderful Nora Huszka, this unique deck combine the diversity and the universal presence of dragons in various myths from throughout the world. Images of dragons are shaped to suit the card meaning, respecting the symbolism of the cards, the colors associated with the cards, but also the astrological element, the association with numbers and even the Kabbalistic symbols that correspond to each card. The power of the dragon can thus lead in any field one chooses to work – dreams, creativity, fantasy, occult or introspection.
The deck is versatile and can allow free readings (in not conventional positions) or readings in new spreads evoking dragon scales. The images and the myths from which they originate are close to archetypal types; they will thus easily incite the state of mind you need to read the cards in the way you prefer. The mandala-style of the cards being another element that will help the mind relax and interpret the cards almost spontaneously. Moreover, the book “Travelling with Starlight Tarots” will help you to be familiar with the deck. You will travel into the various realms, suits, and courts of the deck, in the company of a dragon-companion. You couldn’t find a better guide… 🙂
I loved the imaginative and original way the book introduces and initiates you to the tarot- by stimulating imagination, like a beautiful fantasy story. I also loved the tarot- I think that it is beautiful and inspiring and really easy to use, even if you are not familiar with it.
The unique beauty and originality of this amazing deck is that it allows you to find your own preferred way to use the cards- by developing your creativity, self-exploration, or whatever else could empower your own magic.
The experience of reading this tarot is quite akin to fly mounted on a dragon. It will take you to new, fascinating and enchanting worlds of knowledge, self-understanding, and inspiration the existence of which you had never before suspected.

The Deck and a bundle of deck and book are available from our Etsy shop:
The Book can be ordered from Amazon or from this website (please note, if you would like a personal signature from the author): Traveling with Starlight Dragons:…/  

You find Sissy and some of her superb writing on Facebook: and her website

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