The Court Cards

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We present an example of two of the court cards from our deck: the King and Queen of Cups,  or in our elemental characterisation: Fire of Water & Water of Water.

If you are not familiar yet with this system, you will surely catch up quickly with our overview further below.

And soon you will benefit from this new perspective on the Courts! It is much easier than it might look at the first glance…


The courts correspond to the elements. So instead of Pages/ Princesses, Knights/ Princes, Queens and Kings we have Earth, Air, Water and Fire in their particular suits of Pentacles/Earth, Swords/Air, Cups/Water and Wands/Fire.  So for example, the King of Cups bears the symbol of Fire (top) and Water (bottom) and is Fire of Water, whilst the Page of Wands is Earth (symbol at top) of Fire (symbol at bottom).

The Empress, The Hierophant & The High Priestess

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After an apparent pause, but working intensely in the background, we are back with news from the Starlight Dragon deck.
To mark the time between Spring Equinox and Easter, we reveal to you three more cards from the Majors:

II The High Priestess, III The Empress & V The Hierophant


III The Empress

The Empress is for us a very particular key card in the deck. In a way, she is the patroness of the deck. It was the first card fully designed and the one most thoroughly experienced in our personal lives, while we are working on the deck.

The Empress is the one image in our deck showing a fully developed human-like figure. She represents the original mother goddess as we have known her down from the times of the Paleolithic. In the archeological record we see from those early times onwards an association between great serpents and women, expressed in snaking lines on female figurines or on mighty stones dedicated to her. Hence, she was the first human-like figure chosen by dragons to be her companion. She is the energy, the mistress and protectress of all that grows, needs to be cultivated and trained. And so the Empress is an emblem also of the process creating the Starlight Dragon Deck. The image is inspired by a pair of pendants showing the Dragon Master, Tillya Tepe, Tomb II
Second quarter of the 1st century AD (Afghanistan).

Keywords: Creativity, organic growth, natural processes, nurturing; smothering with mothering

V The Hierophant:

The Hierophant is the great teacher figure in the Tarot. The knowledge and wisdom that he imparts is of a spiritual or spiritually-guided nature (as all great teaching should be). His domain is exoteric (or open, worldly) teaching and ritual often linked with institutionalized religion or any kind of fixed traditional doctrine or faith. As learning precedes, and sometimes coincides, with teaching, he also stands for learning/the learner. Our Hierophant Dragon is the Guardian of Teachings and the translator of high wisdom so that is becomes accessible on lower levels. He is the Key to the hidden realms where this sacred wisdom resides, symbolized by the stained glass window,  particularly the rose. But the key is also a symbol for unlocking the path for each seeker, on the level where they are at. His companion dragons outside the temple remind us of the gargoyles protecting the great medieval cathedrals. In our image they are guardians as well as guides for the seeker, who has to overcome an inner resistance of inertia to climb the stairs to the Temple of Learning.

Keywords: Teacher, teaching, learning, tradition of faith; dogma, fanatic faith

II the High Priestess:

She is the Dragon Guardian of Esoteric Knowledge and the deep mysteries, never entirely revealed. Our Dragon High-Priestess is stern and dark. She will not give access to that which is behind the veil at her back to a seeker who is unworthy or insufficiently prepared. Even if she allows her veil to be opened, there will be more hidden layers under the next veil, and the next ….She remains unfathomable as the mysterious moon in the night sky, appearing, waxing, waning, disappearing – and its curious workings on the oceans or its effects on other living beings. She is vague, indirect as moonlight and profound as the dark waters glistening under it. Her key teachings are to appreciate the potential of the dark, change going on in layers hidden, the power of intuition, secrets, mysteries and silence.

Keywords: intuition, secrets, mysteries, inner voice; withholding revelation.